XFLAT Shared Libraries


    Instructions for obtaining XFLAT releases and CVS snapshots.


Theory of Operation

    General discussion of shared libraries, technical approaches for the implementation of shared libraries with no MMU, and an overview of the XFLAT shared library implementation.


uClinux, File Mapping, and Shared Libraries

    Shared library technology depends on file-mapping or XIP filesystems. These may be issues in your implementation.

XFLAT and Threading

    There are a few special issues to be aware of when using pthreads with XFLAT.

XFLAT and C++

    What is the state of C++ support with XFLAT?


    XFLAT now has a little brother call NXFLAT. NXFLAT is a highly scaled down version of XFLAT intended to support the minimalistic requirements of the deeply embedded RTOS. NXFLAT is currently availabl only as a part of the NuttX RTOS


    Having trouble using XFLAT? Maybe I have alread answered that question here.

Directory Structure

    A description of the XFLAT source tree structure.

XFLAT Programming Interfaces

    There are many pieces to the XFLAT shared library technology. This link addresses the C APIs that are available to the programmer for dynamically loading and using XFLAT shared libraries.


Installing, Configuring, and Porting XFLAT Shared Libraries

    This is an obsolute, pre-buildroot description of the requirements for porting XFLAT into a new environment.


XFLAT Shared Library Support Tools

    This is an overview of the XFLAT build tools used for compiling and linking your XFLAT application.


XFLAT Software License

    Yes, it is open-source.

Shared Library Links

    Information about XFLAT on the internet.

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