XFLAT Download


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CVS Snapshots

A CVS snapshot of the current XFLAT source tree can be obtained by following the CVS links from the Project page.

The anonymous CVS commands are summarized below for your cut'n'paste pleasure below:

Where you just press enter if prompted for a password. Possible choices for modulename are listed in the next paragraph.

XFLAT Modules

If you check out the entire XFLAT source tree (modulename=.), you will be downloading around 68Mb of files (at last count). An option is to download individual XFLAT modules using the following modulenames:

  • Directory modules:
  • File modules:
  • XFLAT Releases

    If you prefer to work from stable, released code then you can download the latest XFLAT release by following the Download links from the Project page.

    The current XFLAT release is xflat-0.1.6.tar.gz dated July 12, 2006.

    Development Status

    The XFLAT shared libraries is a mature technology has shipped on numerous handheld devices as proprietary software. This open source release includes an integration with a recent buildroot release (http://buildroot.uclibc.org/) from February of 2006.

    As of this writing, only parts of buildroot have been integrated. Here is an overview:Architecture: